2013-01-23 14.54.37Denis Waitley once said, “Life is the movie you see through your own eyes”; today, Public Relations was the the silent film a group of young aspiring music professionals got to live through as they visited Anthology in downtown Honolulu.

Stacked with countless accolades of achievement slapped against their fine carpeted wall, Anthology was sure to make an impression upon entry. Their exceptional staff, the countless trophies in the lobby, their fearless leader – that was kind enough to share a moment from his busy yet productive day – had only but reinforced the known fact that Anthology is the best at what they do and one of the finest companies in the Aloha State. Today more than a dozen students were captivated by motivating stories of success from a veteran in the PR industry who possesses decades of measurable industry experience and a charm for client success.

Under one roof a single company with many faces was revealed. Public relations, social media, brand advertising, information design, together with digital and mobile media strategy met with research and analytics in its purest form. Anthology is a 27-year-old, 110-person marketing communications company with offices in Seattle, Honolulu, San Francisco and Guam. Their mission is to provide clients with communication and marketing services that are not only integrated, but also efficient, effective and measurable.

From arrival to departure, aspiring music business and audio professionals from the MELE program at Honolulu Community College were lead by their visionary professor into the real world of public relations. Not only did this confirmed the notion of the extra mile MELE goes to validate it’s concern for Hawaii’s music industry but also proves the extra mile its professors are willing to travel to expose learning minds to the art of public relations and communication.

Broad smiles, impressed faces and stunningly interesting questions were the evidence of absorption by the student for the knowledgeable and motivational presentation that was bestowed through this site visit. “This was one of the most interesting activities I’ve done since enrolled in this program” Jake remarked; a promising student of the MELE program.

Although considered frivolous by some, the site visit to Anthology has prove to worth twice the trip, twice traffic and twice the hassle for parking in downtown Honolulu. Maybe not twice the parking fee since that will be simply absurd. Filled with excitement and much expressed desires, the students from this remarkable program look towards the future with crossed fingers and sharpened pencils for the next site visit, only with the hope that they will visit Anthology part II.

By Kevon A.


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