Riley Kala Pa’akaula, was born in a small village in central Oahu.  Learning to speak, walk, and swim at an exceptionally young age, but failing to learn how to ride a bike until age six, Riley has been described by some as “human.”  A 2009 graduate of Kamehameha Kapalama, Riley is indeed a proud Hawaiian in spite of his inability to tan properly.  Riley’s interests in Music began at a young age and blossomed upon adopting the instrument that continues to bless and haunt his waking moments to this very day: the contrabass.  Participating in his school’s orchestra beginning in the seventh grade, Riley has performed in Japan, Austria, Seattle, and Victoria and Vancouver, Canada.  In spite of a three year Music hiatus after graduation he refers to as “college,” Riley finally returned to his true passion, albeit with some considerable rust, and enrolled in the Music Entertainment Learning Experience program at Honolulu Community College in the Fall of 2012 in pursuit of a degree in Music Business with the ultimate goal of creating the mightiest band that the Hawaiian Islands have ever known.


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